You Are Here!

For riders new to the area,  we will be adding photos of trail heads or landmarks to get everyone familiar to the area.

Ophir Creek Snowmobile Trail System


Click on Trail Reports & Map to download & print a copy of the full map.

Ophir Creek Parking Lot /Trailhead


Ophir Creek /Trail A.

You can use the upper area near the gate to turnaround and park BELOW the NO PARKING SIGNS.  Parking is also available in the lower lot or along the side of the road.  ALWAYS make sure other vehicles have room to go past you & turn around.

Gardner Junction / AKA 4 Corners


This is the intersection of  

Ophir Creek-Trail A,

Elmer Canyon- Trail C,

 Greenhorn Road- Trail E

Deer Peak / Trail B


  Deer Peak can be accessed by Trail C from the Trailhead or take Trail A from the Trailhead to the Gardner Jct. and turn right onto Trail C. Deer Peak offers some fantastic views of the Wet Valley from the towers area on Trail B. Proceed East on Trail B from the top at the towers to the top of Chicken Hill.  Trail D is a short loop trail off Trail C. PLEASE WATCH FOR CROSS COUNTRY SKIERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON TRAILS A and C. 

Greenhorn Road / Trail E, leaving 4 Corners


Greenhorn Road (Trail E) follows a 16 mile ridge line with a 2 to 5 mile width. TRAILS: F, G, I, J, K, L, M and N loop off the main Trail E. Trail E runs 16 miles from the Gardner Jct. to the south and ends at Greenhorn Mountain.

Greenhorn Mountain


Greenhorn Road, Trail E, ends at the base of the Greenhorn Mountain, at the Blue Lakes.

 Beyond the trees is the Wilderness Area Boundary, PLEASE STAY OUT OF THIS AREA!!!  

Wet Mountain Valley


On top of Greenhorn Mountain toward the West, overlooks the Wet Mountain Valley.

Elmer Canyon / Trail C


Access Trail C from the Ophir Creek Trailhead & this will take you all around to the Junction- 

4 Corners Trailhead.

Burn Loop / Trail D


  Burn Loop, Trail D,  is a short loop trail off Trail C.  

Beaver Creek / Trail F


Photo & Description coming soon

Sangre Overlook / Trail G


 Photo & Description coming soon 

Pole Creek / Trail I


The top of Pole Creek, Trail I.  It loops off of Greenhorn Road, Trail E , on the lower end & breaks through to this upper meadow.

Snowslide / Trail J


 Photo & Description coming soon 

Mammoth Gulch / Trail K


  Photo & Description coming soon  

Crossover / Trail L


 Photo & Description coming soon   

North Peak / Trail M


 Photo & Description coming soon  

Millset / Trail N


  Photo & Description coming soon